The Boilerhouse Harbourside Restaurant


 The challenge was to find a place to accommodate our large family for a weekend in order to celebrate my Mother in Law’s 80th birthday… Challenge accepted.

The Q Station at Sydney’s North Head fitted and met the challenge perfectly! As an added bonus, it has a  restaurant on site, the Boilerhouse, that allowed everyone to walk there and then back to our rooms in order to continue the celebrations.


We arrived early in the afternoon which allowed us time to relax, explore the Q Station historic area, and then prepare for the evening meal ahead. I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect at the Q station and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and attention to detail.

When dinner time arrived, we headed down to the Boilerhouse restaurant to discover that it was housed in a wonderful old historic building that also included a lovely outdoor covered area, aesthetically pleasing and with pyramid flame heaters to warm on a cool winter’s evening.
We welcomed the instant warmth as we stepped into the heritage architecture of the Boilerhouse and were directed upstairs to the mezzanine level.
Being a larger group, we had arranged a two course set menu, that included three choices from each the entree and the main course. The staff were very accommodating, allowing us time to chat before finding our seats. Once we were all seated, orders were promptly taken.

The entree choices included the following:

cauliflower soup, a silky textured soup served with lightly toasted cheese melt;


Cauliflower soup

salt and pepper squid, cooked perfectly, matched with roasted peanuts, a hint of chilli and accompanying honey and lime relish – an amazing taste sensation;


Salt and Pepper squid

and horseradish braised short ribs, which were deliciously tender, and completed on a creamy paris mash.


Braised short ribs

Amongst the main meal selections were:

crispy snapper with celeriac puree and madeira jus;


Snapper with madeira jus

scotch fillet, tender and perfectly cooked,  and complimented nicely with beetroot butter and red wine jus;


Scotch fillet with beetroot butter and red wine jus

and ricotta gnocchi which was wonderfully light and paired well with peas, broad beans and asparagus.


Ricotta gnocchi

Included in the set menu were sides of green vegetables and french fries with aioli.


green vegetable sides


French fries with aioli sides

An added artistic and creative touch was the fact that each of the three entrees and main meals were matched to their own beautiful patterned dinner sets – a sure sign of the class and style of the Boilerhouse restaurant.


One final sure sign of a top class restaurant was that meals were served for forty people without any errors, or the need for wait staff to ask any of the clientele what they had ordered. The professionalism of staff combined with beautiful food made for a more than enjoyable evening.


The Boilerhouse Harbourside Restaurant

Q Station Sydney Harbour National Park

1 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly

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